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“Love’s Culture” is a special evening getaway focusing on love, the unique relationship between a man and a woman and encouragement for your marriage relationship in an atmosphere filled with entertainment, light dining, dancing, dialog and great music in a dinner theatre styled atmosphere! If you are married, engaged or considering marriage, this show is for you. Join us for a celebration that is a bit different than the standard night out for dinner and a movie! To register for an upcoming event, or to learn more about this “limited seating” evening, click on the “More Info” button!
A Special, Romantic  Event Just For You!
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Love’s Culture
“We really enjoyed the evening! We didn’t know what to expect, and from the time we arrived, everything was wonderful! Brad and Yvonne’s opening song/act blew our socks off, including her gown and his tux! All the singers were really good, with great choices of music that quickly connected the audience. We watched people immediately start to move with the music. There was the perfect amount of humor and light hearted fun in between sets, somehow they wove a very thoughtful message into the evening about loving relationships - not too heavy, but just right! A very talented group! It was a great evening and we look forward to their next performance, and we will be bringing a group of friends with us!”

Jac-e & Steve Albertsen, Mill Creek
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