eGod, An Investigative Journey What Do You Believe?   Why Do You Believe It?

Does God exist? Is there evidence? How can God allow evil? Where is God when bad things happen? Is God Real?

If you could find a book that could help you in a practical, logical way to answer the question, or support the claim, of God’s existence, would you look for it? Or maybe a book that can help sort out the religious, spiritual and secular maze prevalent today on faith, truth and beliefs? Then this is where “eGod, An Investigative Journey” may literally help lead you to an intelligent and informed decision. “eGod” is a full color, ebook packed with 359 pages of information, pictures, graphics, flash video, links and more. A culmination of over 25 years of research and study uniquely blended, condensed and streamlined into one easy to read resource that addresses the question, “Does God Exist?”

Applying a fresh, step-by-step approach, “eGod” takes you on an intellectual journey through biblical & human history, science, archaeology, theology and more to answer questions, uncover clues, dig for facts, solve some mysteries and more. From Oprah to Einstein, evolution to creationism, from atheism to Islam, “eGod” will challenge what you think you know and believe!

Great resource for students, parents, teachers and leaders. A help aid for seekers, skeptics, the curious, those in doubt and for those wanting to answer the question whether God exists in an informed way. Take on the challenge offered within the pages of “eGod”. You can begin your own journey of discovery right now, see below!

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