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Our Staff  - Those that help and support the various endeavors of Mercyhill are volunteers that seek to use their time, talent, experience or desire to assist in helping to make an impact in our community and the lives of those Mercyhill may come in contact with.

Dealing with life’s issues in life changing fashion!

Who We Are -

Mercyhill is a 501(C) 3  non-profit, tax-exempt organization made up of  a collective group of diverse individuals involved in the arts, media and other professions that are joined together by a shared vision of using these various talents & experience to impact our communities with a positive message of encouragement and hope for marriages & relationships. Although a faith-based organization, Mercyhill is not affiliated with any church, denomination, political or corporate institution and is supported through contributions, sponsorship, event advertisers and the various events it hosts. If you would like to learn how you can be involved either financially or through your talents and gifts, you can contact us through the information provided on this page or by attending one of our hosted events and meet us in person.  There is an elected  Board of Directors that oversees the financial and organizational aspects of Mercyhill. Our current Board of Directors are:

Brad Adams (President); Yvonne Adams (Secretary); Bruce Lavers (Treasurer); Joan Lavers; Ellen Rounds; Lester Brown

Our Purpose  - To provide support and encouragement to singles, single again, couples and marriages through the arts, education, events, literature and any other means appropriate; To offer an outlet  for local talent; Promote healthy  lifestyles &  meet any  other needs that Mercyhill may identify  as falling within its area of abilities.

Our Motto  - Dealing With Life’s Issues In Life Changing Fashion